Are you a consumer or a creator?

If you are a consumer you will be asking “how can I get more orgasms”. 

If you are a creator you will be asking “what can I create from orgasms”. (besides babies)

The consumer is the shadow side of the creator. We all have a consumer within us and as I have mentioned before, embrace your shadow. Acknowledge this side of yourself so that you have more honour and reverence for the creator in you. 

The consumer in us wants more. The consumer in us is rarely satisfied  and is attracted to quick fixes and new products that will bring us bliss and euphoria. The consumer in us is easily sold but never easily satisfied. 

The creator in us thrives on inspiration. The creator in us approaches problems and issues completely differently to the consumer in us. We look for a creative solution and not just a quick fix. The creator wants to give back to the world, not take. The creator knows that pain is a part of the whole experience and can tolerate pain for growth. Pain becomes almost a privilege because it can be the seed of transformation.  A creators reaction to pain is “bring it on!” 

When we are in our consumer frame of mind we want pleasure to avoid pain. We look for this pleasure in many different places. In the shopping mall, at the restaurant, and on Tinder. We buy faster cars and bigger houses with fancier appliances. We take antidepressants. We do anything to avoid pain. We immerse ourselves in social media to avoid the perceived pain and discomfort of actual connection and possible rejection. 

When we approach orgasms from a consumer frame of mind, it becomes something we want and have to have to feel satisfied. Orgasms become a way of finding pleasure to avoid pain. The more we have the more we want. The chemistry from this approach to orgasms actually gives us a hangover and more pain in the long run. If you would like to know more about this chemistry and the hangover it produces read Cupids Poison Arrow; From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships by Marnia Robinson. 

Yes orgasms are pleasurable and can be addictive, leaving you wanting more. The ‘more’ is in the Flow. Orgasmic Flow. This is where true and deep satisfaction is realised. This is where you find connection, spiritual connection to a higher power that connects us all. We all have access to this connection but not all of us know how to tap in to this incredible power we have available. Our mind and negative thinking disconnects us. Orgasmic Flow brings us back in connection with this higher power. Orgasmic Flow connects us to the creator within us. Orgasmic Flow connects us to a higher vibrational energy that flows through us and brings us in alignment with spirit. This is where inspiration comes from, being “in-spirit.”

Orgasmic Flow is an alternated state and it doesn’t have to end with an orgasm or then some. And it’s not the same state you get from drinking one too many wines. This is the perfect time to mention that drinking alcohol actually dampens the altered state that you are trying to create. I did not touch a drop of alcohol for years for fear of destroying the constant state of flow I was in. Alcohol fulfils its promise of numbing the brain and body, a way of disconnecting us from how we really feel. We drink to forget to find an escape from reality and our problems. We drink to put ourselves in an altered state, but not a higher altered state, it turns out to be a much lower altered state. We drink to calm the drunken monkeys in our head. Let me tell you that yoga is a far better way to calm the drunken monkeys and without the hangover and calories. 

Orgasmic flow is a higher vibrational state than just the goal of reaching orgasm for pleasure and satisfaction. In Flow, Living at the peak of your abilities, Mihaly talks about approaching activities with a goal in mind which helps you enter the state of flow more easily. And so is the state of Orgasmic Flow. The goal is NOT the orgasm itself, especially if you are male. The goal is to stimulate the creator in you and liberate your higher creativity.

So yes there is a goal and NO, the goal is not orgasm. Whether you are male or female, let go of the idea that you have to orgasm to reach this state. Having the thought ‘I must orgasm’ is a sure way to scare orgasms away. When we ‘have to’ orgasm we contract, we use force which is the opposite to power and flow. Flow can not be forced. 

If you are a guy, orgasm and ejaculation will immediately end the state of flow (and even put some men to sleep). If you are a woman, orgasms can put you in a state of flow. Once in this state, chances are orgasms will flow as you go deeper and deeper into this state. You may even find that you don’t want to orgasm and where you are, is where you want to be.

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